The UFR project included the refurbishment of three existing structures as well as the creation of an entrance along the primary street. The project site presented two difficult questions. First, the context in which the library is located is in one of the most historical areas of the city. Secondly, the topography and elevation change of the three separate structures complicated the requirements for accessibility and circulation.

Responding to the historical context, the entrance consists of a permeable wooden façade supported by a simple concrete frame. The permeability of the façade provides a visual connection to the historical structure behind. In addition, the circulation was simplified, in that upon entrance into each building, one has a direct path to the next via stairs or elevators.

Furthermore, in order to protect the large reading spaces from the sun, the southwest façade is fitted with metallic solar shading louvers. The UFR project addressed many historical and technical questions through the refurbishment of existing elements and the creation of new ones.

This project was completed at Creature Architectes in 2010.