Working with an architect

Whether it’s your first or one-hundred and first, starting a new project can feel like a large undertaking — each one is different. The right partner tailors the experience to you and makes it easy to get from idea to completed building.


1 understanding your needs

  • We will meet with you to establish the criteria for your program, architecture style and preferences.

  • If you do not yet have a property we can put you into touch with our network of realtors. Each site will have a variety of constraints and features that will direct the design.

  • We help you establish your budget to fit your desired program. We may also introduce you to potential general contractors based on your program and budget.

  • We present you with a contract for architectural services based on your established program and budget.

2 Creating the concept + confirming feasibility

  • This stage involves the preparation of design ideas that address your needs outlined in your project brief and relevant local authority requirements.

  • We develop ideas and explore concepts based on your initial dreams and vision, including helping to compile precedent images from magazines, books, and online design websites to help articulate the design direction.

  • Then we incorporate the ideas and concepts into preliminary floor plans and concept drawings. We start to explore sustainable features, sun angles, spatial adjacencies, and code requirements for the project.

  • We present you with a schematic plan, 3D model, and concept images at the end of this stage.



3 Developing the design

  • We begin consulting with structural and MEP engineers to develop the systems of the building. Our integration of BIM software allows us to import consultants’ models and drawings to help detect any conflict before construction.

  • We prepare appropriate drawings such as approved plans, interior elevations, outline specifications.

  • Provide and present schedule and samples of proposed materials and finishes.

  • Provide and present 3D visuals and concepts that reflect the design.

  • Arrange, attend and record pre-application meetings with authorities, consultants & other relevant parties as required, and confirm local statutory requirements and regulations.

  • Assist you in the coordination of other consultants as well as with planning/building application process.

4 Preparing for Construction

  • This stage involves the preparation of drawings and specifications to allow the project to go out to bid, identify and evaluate potential contractors and/or specialists for the construction of the project as well as submission to local authorities for approval (building permit).

  • We draw and develop the technical details that the builder will need in order to construct the project. These drawings include sealed drawings from the Architect, the Structural and MEP Engineers, lighting consultants, and the Interior Designer.

  • The contract documents are what the final bids and bank financing are based on. They are also required for any permits.



5 Construction Administration

  • Record the Client’s agreement to proceed with this stage of the work. Make periodic site visits and report on the time, cost and progress of the project.

  • Arrange, attend and record periodic site meetings. Provide the contractor with technical assistance to interpret drawings.

  • Review and comment on selected work procedures provided by the contractor. Review and comment on selected shop drawings and product data provided by the contractor. Check selected materials and components for compliance with contract documents.

  • Review mock-ups and work samples. Assist you in obtaining and reviewing contractor claims for extensions of time and additional costs.

  • Instruct the contractor with regards to incomplete work and rectification of defects. Assess, determine and, when required, issue notice of practical completion.